2020 Season Cancellation

2020 Season Cancellation and Refund Policy

As you’re no doubt aware on the 7th July 2020, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and increased restrictions, Basketball Victoria (BV) made the difficult decision to cancel VJBL for the remainder of the 2019/2020 season in the interests of health and safety for the community.

Additionally, in consultation with the PDBA, Aligned Leisure have subsequently announced the cancellation of domestic basketball for the Winter 2020 season.

These unique circumstances have prompted the PDBA to provide the following information regarding fees:

Domestic Basketball

All queries regarding any fees pertaining to Domestic Basketball, including queries on the BV Player Registration Fee, should be directed to Aligned Leisure via email sports.cardinia@alignedleisure.com.au.

Further details regarding Domestic Basketball can be found here https://cardinialeisure.com.au/cardinia-life-winter-season-canceled/

VJBL Basketball

Since the announcement of the cancelled 2019/2020 VJBL season, the PDBA have been working through a variety of scenarios to provide participants with a range of options regarding full fee payments made to date for the 2019/2020 VJBL season.

Option 1: Credits *

Participant(s) may choose a credit to be carried over and applied to the 2020/2021 VJBL season.

Option 2: Refunds *

Participant(s) may choose to have monies refunded directly to their nominated bank account by emailing their Bank Account Details and full name of participant(s) the refund applies to.  Please direct all requests to finance@pakenhambasketball.com.au

All credit and refund amounts are pro-rata to account for costs already incurred for the 2019/2020 season and are set as follows:

  • $290 for 1st participant
  • $261 for 2nd participant
  • $232 for 3rd participant

Please note that unless a request for refund is received by 23 July 2020, a credit will automatically apply to the 2020/2021 VJBL season.

* Credits/Refunds include cost of warm up top

Team Manager Weekly Collection

Any additional monies received by the PDBA from the “Team Manager Weekly Collection” shall be refunded directly to the Team Manager. The Team Manger will be required to organise appropriate disbursements to participants.

Hardship or Financial Difficulty

Anyone experiencing hardship or financial difficulty is encouraged to contact the PDBA via email at finance@pakenhambasketball.com.au, to discuss alternative options.

General questions and information

For all other enquiries or questions regarding the above, please contact the PDBA via email at finance@pakenhambasketball.com.au where the team will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank all athletes for your ongoing commitment and dedication to your team.

We hope you continue to remain safe and healthy as we look to resume in the very near future.


This section will have some common questions and answers:

Q. I want to be able to follow my basketball career as far as I can so being able to play and train would be beneficial for me, being locked in for walls not keeping active takes a tole on players (myself included) mental health
A. Please speak to your coach. The director of coaching is working with your coach during these times to things in place that you can work on.
Q. Because of long delay, unsure how team will work together
A. Please speak to your coach. The director of coaching is working with your coach during these times to things in place that you can work on.
Q. Injuries from returning quickly
A. We are aware of this, and there has been many studies done on impacts. Please speak to your coach. The director of coaching is working with your coch during these times to things in place that you can work on.
Q. What will occur with tryouts
A. As all clubs are in the same situation, new tryouts will be held. More details to come.
Q. It would be highly disappointing for kids who have worked hard to tryout and be selected have been selected for this season and not be guaranteed a place on a team for the 2020/2021 season.
A. Yes, we agree. This is a difficult time for many players across many associations. And it means that some older players will not play anymore due to aging out. Young League may be an option for some to work towards. Please speak to your coach for your options.
Q. I think it would be a great gesture for the PDBA to create teams to accommodate everybody who wants to be Warrior regardless. That way get to build a stronger club for all.
A. VJBL is a representative program, and has always been focusing on the best of the that age group. There are skills camps that we run to improve skills, and there are many open tournaments that can be entered into as well. Please see our website for these programs.
Q. I would like to see a longer preseason training period. Perhaps tryouts can happen in August, which would allow players to safely resume playing at a high level after many months off.
A. Depends on the return to Basketball and the restriction requirements. We will keep you updated on the details when they are available.