Parent Information

Congratulations on being selected, or having your child selected for a team in the Pakenham Warriors VJBL program for this season.

The following information has been produced to inform Parents and players of the parameters of the program and their roles and responsibilities as part of it.

It is very important for ALL players and parents to READ & UNDERSTAND the requirements and expectations of players and their families who enter into this program and only accept a team position if all expectations are UNDERSTOOD and AGREED to.

The player and their family should recognise that participation in this program is a major commitment of time, effort and money.

For the players, your selection will require some commitment and hard work but it will also provide you with a chance to further develop your basketball skills and play at a higher level. You will also make some new friends along the way. As a representative player you have access to highly skilled coaches who assist you to improve and develop your technical skills, game skills, sportsmanship, team play and self-discipline.   Hopefully you will also have some fun!



Fee’s for the 2019/20 season are as follows:

  • 1st child: $580 in ONE instalment OR TWO instalments of x $290 each
  • 2nd* child: $522 in ONE instalment OR TWO instalments of x $261 each
  • 3rd* and subsequent children: $464 each in ONE instalment OR TWO instalments of $232 each

*must be siblings

Included in this cost is: –

  • Team Entry Fee into the VJBL competition for the 2019-20 season.
  • Entry to the compulsory Australia Day tournament (approx 25th-28th January).
  • Coaches’, Assistant Coaches’ and Team Managers’ entry on game night.
  • Court hire for Sunday training.
  • Fund-raising levy.

In addition to the above fees, players are required to pay a weekly game fee of approximately $10 per week for the team sheet. Your Team Manager may request this a few games in advance. Spectators and players are also required to pay an entry fee at the venue where they play on a Friday night (usually $3 per person).

NOTE: Fees increased for 2019/20 to include warm up T-shirt with Sponsor O’Brien Real Estate.



The basic uniform cost is $155.00 (inc gst) and includes:

  • Warriors Home playing singlet
  • Warriors Away playing singlet
  • Warriors game day shorts
  • Warriors socks
  • New compulsory warm-up top (included in fees, do not buy separately unless you want a second top)
  • Reversible training singlet. If you don’t already have one, then you must buy one.

(See the Players Uniform Policy document for further information regarding the playing uniform).

There are a range of optional items which are also available for you to purchase, such as Warriors Hoodies, Warriors Bags, Training Shorts and Warm Up Tops (with players name/nickname on them) etc.

Samples of all Uniform items (and other merchandise), in a range of sizes, will be set up for you to come and try on during our initial training sessions. Each team will have an allotted time slot for this to occur. You will be given further information on this following selection to a team.

Warriors playing top and Warriors shorts to be worn at home games. Your team manager will let you know when you have to wear the alternate top, but it MUST be with you at all times. The white singlet is ONLY for playing in when there is a clash with other teams. IT IS NOT A TRAINING TOP. It must not be worn at any other time.

Players are not permitted to wear any other item of clothing during game day warm-ups.

Pakenham Warriors Uniforms are not to be worn for School games or for domestic games.

NOTE: Compulsory items to complete the Warriors Uniforms which must be bought by parents are: playing singlet, white playing singlet, playing shorts, playing socks. Other items which can be purchased for players but which are not compulsory are: Reversible training singlet, Tracksuit, warm-up top, Hoodie, fleece pants, bags, water bottle, polo, t-shirt, socks and jackets.


The Pakenham and District Basketball Association was formed in the 1960’s and were firstly called West Gippsland Basketball Association. The first home was the Koo Wee Rup picture theatre in the main street of Koo Wee Rup. The undersized court was only used for a few years before we moved to the Bunyip Football Shed.

In 1974 the Association moved to the then newly built P.B. Ronald Indoor Sports Complex on the Pakenham Recreation Reserve in Henry St.

In July 1997 the Association moved to the present location on the Princes Highway in Pakenham. The stadium, with four basketball courts, was then known as the Pakenham Indoor Sports Complex (PISC).

In 2008, the courts underwent a major redevelopment and is now called Cardinia Life and boasts a 25m swimming pool, gym and aerobics room as well as four new basketball courts (8 in total).

The Cardinia Shire hires venue managers to run the facility including basketball however the basketball operates under the management of the PDBA who hold the affiliation with Basketball Victoria

Domestic basketball runs 5 nights/days a week with Senior, Junior, and Mixed competitions. This involves approximately 500 teams and 3500 players.

The representative arm of the Association is the Warriors who currently have teams in

  • Big V Men (Division 2) and Women (Division 1)
  • Big V Youth League (men and women)
  • VJBL Boys and Girls teams

Since the Association’s involvement in these competitions, there has been increasing success, which should continue as the population of the area increases.

The Pakenham and District Basketball Association is actively involved with representative basketball teams that compete in the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) as well as several junior Tournaments. The Association currently plays their games out of Cardinia LIFE.

The representative program also provides many pathways for junior players to play at higher levels. Players will be provided with information about Basketball Victoria Camps and events that may allow them to one day represent Victoria, or progress higher. The opportunity to compete in the VJBL also allows scope for the Pakenham and District Basketball Association to develop their coaches and referees to a higher standard. Our coaches are encouraged to attend the many development opportunities offered by Basketball Victoria, such as Camps and Clinics, and the referees are given development opportunities to allow them to progress through the refereeing ranks.

The competition

Pakenham Warriors teams compete in the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) which provides for representative level basketball and the competition is run by Basketball Victoria.

The VJBL is played on a Friday evening at associated venues across the state. Each week approx. 1050 teams participate in the competition which equates to about 507 games on 150 Courts. The VJBL is arguably the larges competition of its kind, offering a graduated system of junior basketball competition giving opportunities for players to reach the peak, but also to climb the foothills.

The VJBL is made up of associations who enter representative teams. In most cases, these teams are selected from a ‘domestic’ competition that is played out of that particular association.

The League was designed to give keen junior basketball players an opportunity to participate at a more competitive level than their local domestic competitions. The VJBL allows teams to compete against composite teams from other Associations. The competition has developed as such to incorporate Associations Victoria wide.

Age groupings are as follows for the 2019/20 season:

  • Under 12 – eligible players must not turn 12 in 2020; they are born in 2009 or later
  • Under 14 – eligible players must not turn 14 in 2020, they are born in 2007, 2008
  • Under 16 – eligible players must not turn 16 in 2020, they are born in 2005, 2006
  • Under 18 – eligible players must not turn 18 in 2020, they are born in 2003, 2004
  • Under 21 – eligible players must not turn 21 in 2020, they are born in 2001, 2002

All junior players will spend a maximum of two years in each of the age groups. The age group classifications for all players is no different to domestic basketball where there are also top and bottom age players playing in the age groups.

The VJBL is one of the strongest breeding grounds for elite players graduating to the senior ranks. Most associations treat their junior representative programs as such and provide opportunities for players to advance. There are several players competing for Australia at the senior level that have come through the VJBL, Liz Cambage, Penny Taylor, Jenna O’Hea, Sam Richards, Rachel Jarry, Kathleen McLeod, David Anderson, David Barlow and Andrew Bogut.

All representative teams play on Friday nights. Be aware, from the outset that this involves a lot of travel to various basketball venues around the Melbourne metropolitan area and, in some cases, to some country venues. This does require a high level of commitment from parents and players as players are expected to attend all games and we would hope that parents would also enjoy watching their child play. So players, please thank your parents at the end of the night.

We also have a strong focus on player fundamental development and progress from each level to the next.

Thanks to the hard work of the Domestic clubs, the Association Pakenham & District Basketball Association, today we have a world class facility and a Director of Coaching. Warrior’s teams were formed as a representation of the domestic competition. We are proud to carry on this tradition.

It is encouraged that all Pakenham Warriors Representative players play in the Pakenham Warriors Domestic competition.

Roles and Structure of Junior Championship Coaches

Our coaching roles & structure are:

Directors of Coaching

The Directors of Coaching are responsible for leading and managing the Junior Championship coaching program including:

  • Developing & implementing the coaching strategy
  • Overall management & development of the junior championship coaching population
  • Developing a culture of success with shared values

Head Coaches
The Head Coach of each age/gender group is responsible for not only coaching their own team – but also ensuring coaching and player development within that group.

Coaches are responsible for the player development and win/loss ratio of their own team.

Assistant Coaches
Assistant coaches are nominated by the team coach and ratified by the Junior Championship Committee. Their role is to support the team coach in player development.



ALL VJBL games are scheduled on Friday evenings at venues throughout South Eastern Victoria. (Times and Venues are yet to be determined by the VJBL, so please check on the VJBL website

The division that a team qualifies to play in, and the age group of that team will have some bearing on the distant required to travel and the start time.

In general, teams in younger age groups usually have game start times around the 6:40pm mark, with teams in older age groups having start times up to 9:40pm.

Parents are expected to score each week on a rotational basis. (An introductory scoring course will be offered free of charge for those unfamiliar with FIBA Basketball Scoring)



Inter-Venue Passes

These passes are available at all stadiums from the Venue Manager and should be requested if you intend to go on to another stadium on the same night. I.e. parents & spectators pay at one venue only and get a pass if they need to go to another venue.

Inter-venue passes are available to both spectators and players with the following restrictions:

  • The player must pay at the venue at which he/she is playing irrespective of whether an entry fee has been paid for that player at an earlier stadium as a spectator.
  • Upon completion of his/her game, the player is entitled to an Inter-venue Pass for any stadium, as a spectator.




The following is indicative of other costs that will be incurred during the season:-

  • Venue entry fee for Friday night game Approx. $3:00 per person (players and spectators)
  • Team Sheet In addition to the VJBL Team Entry Fee for the season, each week teams also must pay their Team Sheet Fee. This is approximately $55-$65 per week for the team. (Team managers generally collect this each game night)
  • Outside Venue Hiring for Training


No Refunds

Under no circumstances will a player be offered a refund, except as a result of:


Should a player have a season ending injury, backed up by doctors’ written proof, a player may be eligible for a partial refund of their season fee, up until the halfway point of the season. In this case you are to notify the VJBL coordinator to discuss.

Part Season

If a player is cut from the team prior to the end of grading phase 1, a partial refund of fees to that date may be applicable. Please contact the VJBL Coordinator to discuss. NOTE: Bad behaviour that leads to discipline or dismissal will NOT be considered as a reason for refund eligibility.

Likewise, if a player comes into a team under any special circumstances, a part fee payment may be applicable. Contact the VJBL coordinator to discuss.




Top representative teams are a “play to win” teams and players may not get equal court time.

All the other teams are considered development teams and as such all players are expected to get roughly equal court time and are not necessarily out to win but to gain experience and skill for future seasons.

The FIRSTS team of an age group will consist of the best 10 players that the head coach deems available at team try outs. The SECONDS team will consist of up to 10 “Top Age” players. The THIRDS team will consist of up to 10 “Bottom Age” players. Any subsequent teams will be decided upon by the depth of talent. This decision will be made by the Director of Coaching along with the Head Coach for each age group.

We will encourage our members to compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship and to treat ALL participants with respect.

We will aim to develop our members as good citizens as well as good basketball players, coaches and official.

We will deal with our members with honesty and integrity.

We will recognise the importance of each individual within the overall success of the Association.

While individual cases will be dealt with on their merits, we aim to have our teams consist of players that are full representatives of Pakenham & District Basketball Association


As per the Coaches Policy document:

The “Ones” team coach of each age group will have control over the selection of teams under the PDBA guidelines. (This may be overruled by the coaches’ panel).

No player selection for the “Ones” team will be final until after the “Australia Day Tournament”.

This gives coaches the opportunity to make changes where appropriate.

All teams, other than the “Ones” and “Twos” teams of each age group will be used for development, with all players to have equal court time.

Court Time

Representative basketball is an elite program and playing time is never guaranteed.

Some players will play more than others and coaches will have different philosophies on rotating their players. While coaches should be willing to discuss court time and how players may be able to increase their playing time, the bottom line is playing time is at the Coach’s discretion.




Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anybody, Coach, Team Manager, Parent or Player, contact Basketball Victoria or the VJBL directly.

The only authorised persons to do this is the VJBL Delegate.

Failing to follow this request will result in a fine from Basketball Victoria which will be passed on to the relevant team/person who breeches this.

Please contact your relevant VJBL delegate should you have any question or issues. Contact details can be found on the PDBA Website. Basic information on grading, fixtures and results is available at: or

The Representative Basketball season is long, running from early November through to mid-September the following year. There are breaks from training during school holidays and each team’s coach will inform the players and parents of the training schedule during the year.

The season begins with the tryout phase which is usually held over several weeks around September/October/November each year. It is important to note that more players usually try out than there are places available in the teams.

The Grading Phase then begins in November. It may consist of a ‘Pre-Grading’ game and ‘Grading Phase 1’ involving games over a 4 week period. As in Phase 1 this may involve games across a 4 to 6 week period as the final Pools are decided. Grading Phase 2 begins in January, concluding towards the end of February.

The main Championship Season begins in early March and runs through to mid-September. The finals phase runs to the end of September.



Players and parents should not regard a position in a team as permanent.

In some circumstances, player changes between teams may be required (subject to Basketball Victoria rules).

It is also possible that squad pruning may occur, for example, in a situation where an appropriate level of commitment to training, team rules and games are not present.

There is also a transfer window between clubs as per current Basketball Victoria rules at the time.

NOTE: No player can change teams after grading phase 1 is complete and is subject to VJBL rules. Separate rules apply when injuries occur.



  • All players are required to sign the back of the scoresheet after each game they play. This is to ensure they play enough games to qualify for finals and crossover grading games.
  • All players must play 40% of fixtured games during the Championship Season to qualify for finals, in the case that 40% of total games is not a round number then the total will be rounded up. (eg. 7.2 would be rounded up to 8 games).
  • An exemption is only granted on the basis of documented medical reasons, medical certificates must be received within 14 days of injury.


Pakenham Warriors coaches are experienced and qualified coaches and are expected to have Level 1 and Level 2 accreditation in the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

You will always see Pakenham Warriors coaches at Basketball Victoria coaching clinics.



Your team manager is the person who looks after the housekeeping of the team.

He or she will collect team money which covers court fees for Friday night games as well as other administrative tasks for the team.

They are the point of contact for training times, change of game times, social events and generally keeping the team’s finances and game day procedures in order.

They are generally required to fill out the team sheet as well as ensure that all players have signed the back of the sheet on game day.

They are also the point of contact for the coach. On Friday nights the team manager ensures that the players have filled their water bottles and placed them in the crate and that players are hydrated throughout the game. They are not a coach, nor should they assume that role.

You can be a great support for your team manager by ensuring that you pay your team fees in a timely manner and that you as parents have made sure that your child’s game day equipment is in their bag including two full water bottles and clash tops.


Pakenham Warriors promote desirable personal and social behavior, by players, parents, and officials to develop respect for other players, parents and officials from both our own team and club, but also importantly, for the opposition team and club.


Please read the copies of the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct that you received with the behavior contract that all players must sign and return to their respective team managers.

The behavior contract is usually signed at the tryouts. If you have not signed the behavior contract please do so as soon as possible.


Warriors players are required to attend compulsory Sunday training sessions at the Cardinia Life Stadium in Pakenham. The times of these training sessions are set by the Club. Teams may also be offered a second midweek training session. Players are expected to commit to these training times. Every effort will be made to schedule times that are convenient for the majority of the team, however this must fit in with our club’s available training times. Players should be ready to begin when their session starts and be prepared with a full water bottle and basketball.

Obviously, it is the parent’s responsibility to get your child to training and not rely on other parents unless it is organised prior to training. Players who miss training for no valid reason may not be considered for selection in the next subsequent game or as advised by the coach.

Some teams will train at external venues, fees for training is combined with your yearly fee.

CONSISTENT ABSENCE from training will result in the player being omitted from the squad.



The venues for the Friday night games are usually in the Metropolitan area. Some teams do play at country venues. Carpooling with other members of the team is encouraged to assist in travel to and from games. This has to be organised by each parent prior to game day. Parents are not to just drop off their child and expect another parent to drive them.

Game times vary from age group to age group. Times are available on the VJBL website and your team manager will notify you during the week of game changes and venue changes. The draws for the season will be available as quickly as possible and your team manager will give you a copy of this when they are available.

Players are expected to arrive at the game at least 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.


  • All families are required to score at games. This is an EXPECTATION and a session on how to do this is run at the beginning of each season.
  • Some coaches may ask for statistics to be taken during the game. A parent may be asked to do this task.
  • If you are playing in VC then a scorer and a timekeeper for the shot clock are required for each game. Two families will then be rostered for this each week.
  • Generally, a family will have to score several times during the season depending on grade and individual team rosters. Sometimes 2 parents at a time will be rostered.
  • In most cases, the scorers are parents on a roster scoring their own children’s games.  Basketball Victoria now requires scoring parents to have the Working with Children Check and to sign the Member Protection Declaration.


Pakenham & District Basketball Association conducts a number of fundraisers throughout the season.
Without the help of you the parents the task to raise funds becomes harder each year. It might mean selling a box of chocolate frogs or Operating the BBQ.

** Please remember, more funds, the less you have to pay**



It is Compulsory for all Pakenham Warriors Teams to play in the Eltham/Dandenong Tournament Australia Day weekend in January.

Teams may compete in one other tournament during the year. These tournaments include the regular tournament in Nunawading Queens Birthday weekend in June. NOTE: Entry into these tournaments must not clash with domestic team commitments.

VC teams may also qualify for Classic Tournament Queens Birthday weekend or U/14 may qualify for the Australian National championships at the end of the Season which is by invitation only.

These two specific tournaments are exempt from the rule of one other tournament for the year. Parents should be comfortable with the Tournament entered because there is a cost involved.

Melbourne Tigers Tournament – June / July holidays

Nunawading Tournament – Queens Birthday


There will be times when you need to discuss problems with a coach.
Please do so in a respectful manner at all times BUT NOT AFTER THE GAME and not when there are other team members or parents present.
All grievances must be discussed sensibly and a resolution will be found. For detailed information on this process please refer to the full Grievance Policy.



 Get involved with your Team & Association

  • get to know your child’s coach and maintain open and honest communication with them about things that might concern you.
  • speak out when you hear language, behavior or attitudes that contribute to a negative or unsafe environment.
  • attend games and practices whenever you can.
  • volunteer to be involved in your child’s club. Clubs depend on the involvement of parents/guardians and volunteers.

Be a good role model

  • don’t be the ‘angry/ugly parent’ at games, this behavior is not what you want to model for your children.
  • be supportive of the Coach. They have to make hard decisions every day concerning the team and the individual players. Unless you demonstrate 100% faith in your child’s coach, it is unlikely that your child will develop and progress as they should. Please remember that our team coaching staff are all volunteers. Volunteering their time for the team.
  • Coaching from the sidelines is never appropriate regardless of your knowledge of the game. The coach is to be the only source of technical feedback to players.
  • Support the importance of training.
  • Be respectful of Referees and others and expect your child or young person to do the same.
  • focus on your child’s efforts and performance, never ridicule or put your child down for making a mistake or losing.
  • Please support the whole team during games & training.
  • Do not speak negatively about coaches or players around your child.
  • Be vocal with your support but do not make negative comments to the opposition. The referees or other team members If you have a concern about how your child is being treated, make sure you deal with the
  • issue appropriately:
  • Ask yourself is this an issue for my child or is it my issue
  • Don’t make a big fuss in front of the child, other team members and parents
  • Find a time to talk privately with the coach
  • If you remain unsatisfied then contact the PDBA in writing.

Make sure your child is aware of personal safety

  • talk to your child about keeping safe. Encourage them to tell you straight away if they feel uncomfortable or have worries about an adult’s behaviour, whether during sport or recreation activities or any other situation
  • tell your child that he or she always has the right to say ‘no’ if an adult is trying to persuade them to do something they feel is wrong, or which makes them feel frightened or uncomfortable and that you will support them through this.
  • make sure your child understands about their rights to privacy and respect of their body in order to recognise what is acceptable touching by an adult and what is not.
  • develop an emergency plan for your child to follow in situations where they may be at risk of harm, for example when going on overnight or away trips.

Be aware of possible danger signs

You should be wary of a club where staff and volunteers behave in the following ways:

  • coaches that run private, closed practices on a regular basis and operate independently of the club
  • a coach that increases the amount of time they spend with your child beyond the training session and shows favouritism.
  • parents are discouraged from watching or becoming involved in training or other activities
  • rough play, sexual innuendo or humiliating punishments are part of club practises
  • inappropriate physical contact, inappropriate discipline and language is the norm
  • adults in your club invite children to spend time alone with them outside of scheduled sport or recreation activities
  • poor communication with parents and parental involvement is discouraged
  • if one or more children suddenly drop out of sport or recreation activities for no apparent reason.


Player Responsibilities

Be prepared to work hard in order to gain positive results. You must be willing to accept responsibility for your own performance. Don’t blame other people and don’t make excuses.

Great players know they are responsible for their own destiny. Respect the people willing to help you reach your goals. Listen and learn from your coaches, give them your undivided attention and remember they are there primarily for your benefit, not theirs.

Basketball will develop you as an athlete but it also presents you the chance to develop

as a person. Some lessons that we value are;

  • Commitment – Being a part of a team demands that you can carry out your commitment to others. This will mean that you will need to give up some personal wishes and make sacrifices for the group.
  • Perseverance – When things aren’t going your way you must never give up when you are part of a team. Your team will need your total effort even when it is not your day.
  • Team Work – It is crucial that in sport and life you are able to work in a team situation. Sometimes this means learning your role and doing what is best for everyone and not just yourself.
  • Learning to Compete – This does not mean to win at all costs but rather to compete to the best of your ability at all times. Competition is present in all aspects of life and it teaches us to value our victories and to be gracious in our defeats.
  • Respecting Others – In life we must learn to respect everybody regardless of their roles and differences. In basketball we expect respect to be given to opponents, team mates, coaches, referees, spectators and administrators.


Player Expectations

  • Players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Our club is worthy of your best behavior.
  • It is important that you communicate with others. If you have issues (negative or positive) with a team mate then approach your coach or manager.
  • You must arrive at training venues 10 minutes prior to the start time and in the correct uniform. You must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to games, in uniform and ready to play.
  • If you cannot attend training or are running late for training, the coach must be contacted directly (not through someone else) before the session commences.
  • When injured you are still expected to attend games and training (unless you are receiving treatment for your injury at that time). If you are sick and could pass it on to others then you should not attend games or trainings.
  • If you have an injury that will affect your performance in either a game or training session you will need to inform your coach directly.
  • If you have missed games/training due to an injury you must provide a medical clearance before you resume training/playing.
  • You will not argue with referees during a game. If you have any problems tell your coach so that they may approach the referees if necessary.
  • You will support your team mates at all times both on the court and on the bench.
  • Negativity toward team members will not be tolerated.

Disciplinary Action

Technical Foul.
On receiving a technical foul the player should be subbed off the court.

The coach will decide whether this player will take any further part in this game depending on the severity of the incident. The coach will decide whether this player is started on the bench for the next game.

Poor Sportsmanship.
The coach has the option to sub the player off the court. If there is a second offence they will be left off for the rest of the game.

Non attendance or lateness to training without communication directly to the coach may result in a coach’s decision to limit playing time in subsequent games.

Off the Court Incidents.
If a player is found to be behaving in a manner that will negatively effect the reputation of the Pakenham Warriors Representative Program, their coach will be informed. This may result in a coach’s decision to limit playing time on subsequent games.